Let’s Talk Technology

Social media advocate and author Andrea Gribble encourages technology limits in the home.

Local resident Andrea Gribble is the founder of #SocialSchool4EDU, a social media consultancy that partners with and serves schools, students, parents and the local community. As an advocate and speaker, Gribble often talks to students about being safe and kind online. But as a mother of two and stepmother of four, she realized she needed to bring these concepts into her own home. When she couldn’t find a book to share with her children, she decided to write one of her own, titled The Von Awesome Family in a Digital Daze. The book follows one family that gets so caught up in their own technology, they stop spending time together. In the end, the Von Awesome family comes together to create a set of household technology rules.

Gribble hopes her book will be a discussion guide for families, encouraging small changes. Her number one rule? No technology at the dinner table. “We also create times with no technology allowed, and do things as a family, like playing board games or getting outside,” she says. For information on her book and speaking engagements, visit Andrea Gribble's website here.