More than a Nice Polish

Nail care studio Frenchie’s introduces revolutionized focus on hygiene and client care.
A client receives a pretty pink spring nail polish at Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care, on Hargis Parkway near Bielenberg Sports Center.

Clean care. This is the focus behind new nail franchise studio Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care, which opened in May. Director of communications for the company’s franchise model and owner of the new Woodbury location, Ryan McEnaney—also a lifelong Woodbury resident—describes the concept behind Frenchie’s as a way to “revolutionize the nail care industry.” McEnaney’s family members Jennifer Bailey and Guy and Stephanie Coffee founded the company two years ago in Littleton, Colorado. At Frenchie’s, strict—nearly medical-grade—cleanliness standards are strongly upheld.

McEnaney explains the education behind those taking care of clients at Frenchie’s: “They are truly trained in taking care of your hands and feet, and can also tell you about the reasoning behind what they’re doing in terms of reflexology and certain oil usage.” It’s all about creating a more in-depth experience, if that’s what the client wants. If not, McEnaney invites guests to come in, sip on coffee or infused water, and simply enjoy their experience. “It feels like you’re walking into a day-spa,” he says, “but you’re not paying $100 for it.” To ensure a focus on all natural care of nails and nail beds, Frenchie’s does not do acrylics, only natural and gel care.

Frenchie’s location provides another added bonus. Across the street from Bielenberg Sports Center, it provides a convenient way for mothers and fathers to pass the time during their kids’ practices.