New Title Boxing Club Location in Woodbury

Title Boxing Club, now in Woodbury, offers a unique workout.
Clifton Krotz, general manager of Title Boxing Club in Woodbury.

Go for the gold by channeling your inner Mike Tyson. For those searching for a new and unique workout, Title Boxing Club opened a Woodbury location in August. “It is fun and high energy and you can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour,” Clifton Krotz, general manager says.

The Woodbury location features 54 heavy bags, one speed bag, a cardio area, free weights and a boxing ring. Classes and memberships include both kickboxing and boxing teaching, and monthly memberships are available.

Title Boxing Club’s main feature is its power hour, an exercise regimen split into three sections. The instructors first put students through a 15-minute warm-up which focuses on the basics such as throwing a proper punch. Bell-to-bell training lasts for the next 30 minutes and features high intensity training and basic bag combinations. The workout culminates in a 15-minute core routine. If the trainers teach properly, Krotz says it will be the best workout anyone has ever experienced.

Carrie Baumgartner finds herself commuting from Hudson to do her workouts at Title Boxing Club. “You can tailor your own workout to your specific needs. Every class offers the same level of challenge and they have excellent teachers universally,” Baumgartner says. Krotz agrees: “I encourage people to try different trainers. Everyone has different training styles, and we will have a trainer that works well for you.”

First sessions are free for all visitors. Title Boxing Club, 8150 Coller Way #300; 651.200.3871.