Paradise Car Wash brings care and quality to Woodbury

Woodbury’s new Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center focuses on taking care of vehicles and customers alike.
The team at Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center put the finishing touches on a sparkling clean car.

With Minnesota’s often oppressive weather, taking care of your car might seem daunting and difficult. The staff at the new Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center would beg to differ. The newest Paradise location opened in December 2015 and has brought a variety of services to the area, from vacuuming to detailing to washing.

“The city of Woodbury has needed a full-service, quality car wash for some time,” says store manager Larry McTigue. “It’s an up-and-coming city with a lot of continued growth, so we were excited to open a location here.”

The Woodbury Paradise Car Wash is one of six full-service locations in the Twin Cities area (there are also two express locations). Howe ver, it looks a bit different than other locations due to its updated customer lobby area that features polished concrete floors, woodgrain wall siding, bar stools and granite counter tops.

“When it comes to the washing side, the Paradise locations all follow a similar process,” McTigue says. “It’s a full-service car wash with vacuuming and wiping the vehicle down at the end. We separate ourselves from other car washes because we have the latest and greatest technology.”

This technology includes a reclaim system that recycles the water used to wash the cars, which helps the company stay green. In addition, Paradise locations boast a tool called a pendulum, a high-pressure wheel cleaner. “We do a great job of cleaning up rims and tires, regardless of what package you get,” McTigue says.

The car wash features a variety of plans that provide special deals and packages. McTigue points out Paradise’s Unlimited Plan, which offers customers the option to wash their car as many times as they want for a flat monthly fee. “You only have to wash your car roughly 2.5 times to get your money’s worth,” he says. “With our weather, there’s a lot of salt and grime all over the roads that can eat at your car. It’s important to wash your vehicle frequently.” Customers can also purchase Washbooks which offer five washes for the price of four.

McTigue is excited to bring a high-quality car wash service to Woodbury. He says, “I’ve already met so many nice people who come through here and appreciate what we’re doing for their vehicles, and the way that they’re treated when they come in.”

Car Wash Queries with store manager Larry McTigue:

How can people take great care of their cars in the spring?
I would say frequent washing is the number one thing. Aside from that, come spring and summertime, it’s always a good idea to have your car detailed.

What’s the strangest thing people might find at Paradise Car Wash?
We do have a mascot: it’s a live Macaw parrot. The parrot is always a good time for customers because they squawk and talk. Kids love them.

What are four things you can’t live without at Paradise?

Our tunnel equipment, my hardworking employees and the seven other Paradise Car Wash partners—I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. Not to mention our Woodbury customers!

What’s one thing most people don’t know about the professional car wash business?
One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that our least busy time is during the winter. They assume that because it’s cold, we don’t wash as many cars. Once we explain that when winter comes and there’s salt all over your vehicle, it clicks.

Are you a fan of the disco song ‘“Car Wash” by Rose Royce?

Oh, absolutely! I’d have my employees grooving to it all day long if I could.


Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center
600 Woodbury Drive;