Photo Contest Winner Anthony Velte's Stunning Water Tower

An aerial view makes for an impressive photo.
Anthony Velte’s photo was the first-place winner in the landmarks category of the Focus on Woodbury photo contest, sponsored by Woodbury Magazine.

How did Anthony Velte capture this cool view of Woodbury? “I enjoy building and flying remote-controlled aircraft, so I stopped at the Lake Road and Manning Avenue water tower to fly a quadcopter while shooting video and taking aerial photographs,” Velte says. “The lighting, clouds and surrounding area looked like it would make for some interesting video and photographs. I figured that the unique perspectives available from the air might result in something unique and dramatic. I did two flights during which I was able to get some beautiful photographs.”

It wasn’t until Velte saw this photo that he considered entering the Focus on Woodbury photo contest. “Something about the photo struck me and I thought other people might like to see it,” he says. Find more of Velte’s photos and videos at Tony's Toolbox.