Summer Recommendations from Our Local Wine Wizard

Suggesting there’s anything hidden about Spanish wine is a bit odd. Spain is a large country with more acres of vines planted than anywhere in the world, and the list of great wines is a mile long. That said, Spain often plays third fiddle behind France and Italy. But Spain is full of amazing wines and is home to two of my favorite wine regions in the world, Galacia and Priorat. These two regional gems produce incredible wines.

First, let me introduce you to Galacia. Also known as “Green Spain,” Galacia is in the far northwest corner of the country, just north of Portugal. It’s a cool, wet climate strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Albarino is the leading grape. Floral aromas followed by tastes of citrus and stone fruit characterize this white grape. Its maritime-influenced mineral (stone/seashell) edge pairs perfectly with seafood and fresh fish.

Another regional gem is Priorat. This tiny area just south of Barcelona along the Mediterranean coast is home to some of the best wines in Spain. The lead grape is Garnacha (Spain’s version of Grenache). It’s often blended with Carignan, producing an amazing red wine that pairs perfectly with lamb, pork, and roasted vegetables. Find these hidden gems next time you’re looking for something different. They won’t disappoint.