The Call of the Stage

The glow of stage lights warms excited faces and a sense of purpose settles in bones. With each line spoken crisp and clear, with each note hit and with each costume change, performers are transported to another time and place. The performing arts provide a space to explore—everything from history to fears to the world around us—and in this exploration, your child just might find their calling on stage. Read more about The Call of the Stage


A Rockin’ Revue

Stars on Broadway returns with its fourth installment, and this time, the show is bringing rock n’ roll. Featuring songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Motown, Hairspray, School of Rock, Rent, Hamilton and more, the Woodbury Community Theatre (WCT) musical will have you jamming all night long. “It’s similar to a rock concert, but with the Broadway spin on it,” Lori Sager, director of the musical, says.
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A Waltzing Story

Set in 19th century Sweden and written entirely in three-quarter waltz time, Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music follows a romantic love triangle involving three couples, each paired with the wrong person. “Sondheim mirrors the love triangles with the three-quarter time of the waltz,” says director Cyndi Sturtz. “You don’t see a lot of shows where the story links so directly to the music and how it’s played.” In addition, a Greek chorus of five singers will accompany the production to fill in the storyline with songs, including the famous Send in the Clowns. Read more about A Waltzing Story


Celebrating the Classics with Woodbury Community Theatre

Woodbury Community Theatre is all about show tunes in its third rendition of Stars on Broadway. According to operations director Michelle Witte, the “stars” theme fits perfectly with the idea of Woodbury community “star” performers. She emphasizes the unique family-friendly aspect of the production. “We have a lot of parents and children performing together; going to rehearsal is a fun, family night out,” she says. Read more about Celebrating the Classics with Woodbury Community Theatre

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