Winning Culture

Local company CureIS Healthcare maintains a positive work environment while using data expertise to improve patient care.

CureIS Healthcare Inc. in Woodbury has been voted a best place to work by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal six years in a row, with four first-place titles in the small business category. One factor in the positive work environment is the lack of attrition: Those who are hired tend to stay, and loyalty matters in small business. Owner Chris Sawotin says, “The team has built this environment, and having great people will grow great culture.”

Founded in 2006, CureIS uses data expertise to improve patient care. “It started with interest in addressing some gaps in technology priorities,” Sawotin says. CureIS works to develop data software and solutions in health systems to advance insurance provider and health plan capabilities. A large percentage of the clientele comes from university academic healthcare systems, which came as something of a surprise. “It’s because of what we built,” Sawotin says, “though that wasn’t really the focus.” Despite competition, CureIS sticks strictly to the healthcare field, as opposed to serving other profitable industries with data software needs. “Many people who create technology like this will use it in whatever industry has sale opportunity,” Sawotin says. “The benevolent value to us as a team is that we’re improving the healthcare system.”