Focusing on the Importance of Family and Community in Memory Care

Since 2011, Prelude Homes has provided top-notch and unique memory care services to Woodbury and surrounding areas. “We chose Woodbury because it is a high-quality community with good workers and a need for the services we wanted to offer,” says Phil Dommer, head of Prelude.
The company recently expanded in April with a new residential home that houses six beds. This will add to Prelude’s original building, which included three individual homes inside.

Prelude Homes prides itself on delivering its services in a small household setting with a focus on family. “We don’t just care for the patient, we care for the family,” Dommer says. “We have proven to be a better fit for many.”

Woodbury resident Janelle Johnson, director of programming, has been with Prelude Homes since its inception. “I moved to Woodbury in 2010 when Prelude was still a concept,” Johnson says. “I knew that it was a company I wanted to put down roots with.”

The part of her job that she finds most rewarding is “the ability to help families with dementia patients find moments of joy,” Johnson says. “Our time on Earth is not where life ends.”