Tips for Hosting the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party

by | Mar 2019

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Host a St. Patrick’s Day crowd with tips and recipes from Lunds & Byerlys.

Early spring can feel like a little bit of a letdown, with food-heavy holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas in the rearview mirror. But on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) gather some friends and family for a tasty spread of Irish and Irish-inspired treats. Amy Goetz, FoodE expert at Lunds & Byerlys in Woodbury, shares her favorite tips and recipes.

St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Sunday this year, which means you can start your morning off with a good cup of Irish coffee. “Use 2 Gingers whiskey by Kieran Folliard, an Irish-born Minnesotan who launched his Irish-made whiskey business in Minnesota,” says Goetz. (The whiskey is made traditionally in Ireland and imported.) “Add a twist of flavor with Bittercube orange bitters, handmade in Milwaukee. This will bring out the honey and lemon tasting notes in the 2 Gingers whiskey.”

For those who aren’t whiskey fans or might like options that are kid-friendly, Goetz recommends shamrock brownies. And if you start with ready-made brownies from the bakery case, these are extra easy. Poke brownies with a toothpick, says Goetz, then brush with crème de menthe syrup, topped with Lunds & Byerlys’ vanilla gelato and their decadent fudge ice cream topping.

For an adults-only gathering, Goetz suggests “boozy brownies:” brush your brownies with Guinness beer or Irish whiskey; then top with whipped cream and Lunds & Byerlys’ bourbon butterscotch ice cream topping.

The shop also stocks plenty of items imported from Ireland or inspired by Irish food. To round out your buffet table, Goetz suggests picking up a loaf of the bakery’s fresh Irish soda bread and adding accoutrements like rich Kerrygold butter and a good Irish cheese, like Kerrygold’s aged cheddar or Dubliner cheddar. (Ask at the cheese counter for more recommendations.)

Did you think we would leave out the most classic Irish-American dish of all? After snacks, you might want to serve up a hearty meal for your St. Paddy’s party. Click here for Lunds & Byerlys’ corned beef and cabbage recipe. Slainte!

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