Focus on Woodbury: Bathtime is Lots of Fun

Kids cooped up in the house this winter? Here’s an idea for some fun.
Maverick, Mitchell and Macallan Folks

When Mandi Folks and her family moved into their Woodbury home in 2012, “it was in very rough condition,” she says. “We have been fixing it up little by little over the past three years, and finally got around to repairing the bathtub in the master bathroom. Our three boys were delighted with their first opportunity to take a bubble bath. As you can tell, Maverick, 5, Mitchell, 7, and Macallan, 3, jumped head-first into the bubbles with no reservations. Their sister Jovie, 1, was much more reserved and observant.”

Folks used her Nikon D500 with a 33mm f/1.8 lens for this photo. “My children give me lots of material to photograph,” she says. “I’ve been snapping nonstop since my first son was born in 2007.”

-This photo earned first place in the People category in Woodbury Magazine’s 2015 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest.