Healthy Eating Starts Here

Whole Foods Market expects to open its much-anticipated store in Woodbury in 2017.

Whole Foods Market will be the newest grocery store to join the Woodbury community, and expects to open in 2017. As an alternative to conventional grocery stores, Whole Foods Market strives to offer high-quality natural and organic foods, while respecting the planet.

When Whole Foods Market first opened its doors in 1980, it had a mission to celebrate natural and organic foods. They’ve continued in this celebration by bringing the joy of good food to the communities they are a part of.

Good food requires high-quality standards that are higher than most other grocery stores. For Whole Foods Market, this means each and every product sold has been carefully evaluated; foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.

“We are exited to open our doors and serve the vibrant Woodbury community the freshest, natural and organic products available,” says Whole Foods Market spokesperson Allison Phelps.