Stay Fit at Home with These Workouts from Orangetheory Fitness

by | Jul 2020

A woman does yoga in her living room.


We sat down with Orangetheory studio manager, Angie Reeves, to get the scoop on three different at-home workouts.

Backed by science and technology-tracked, Orangetheory Fitness opened in Woodbury in 2017 and has been leading interval training workouts since that time. We sat down with studio manager, Angie Reeves, to get the scoop on three different at-home workouts.

Woodbury Magazine: Can you explain the Orangetheory workouts?

Angie Reeves: Every class is led by a certified coach, and members work through strength training, interval blocks and nonimpact cardio work … Every day is a new workout, and our coaches ensure our programs are accessible for all levels.

WM: What’s your recommended at-home strength workout?

AR: Using your body to sculpt your body is a great option … You can also get creative and use things around your home to add weight to basic exercises that add that strength-training component (luggage, canned goods and plastic jugs of water). A great circuit to hit total body is: squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, hip hinge low rows and bicep curls.

WM: What’s the best at-home yoga exercise?

AR: Five yoga exercises to complement the work we do at Orangetheory are: plank (strengthens core and spine stabilizers), opposite arm and leg extension (strengthens back and glutes), standing forward bend (stretches the hamstrings and hips), cobra pose (strengthens the spine and stretches the chest, shoulders and core) and the figure four (stretches the hips).

WM: What do you recommend for an at-home cardio workout?

AR: We’ve encouraged our members to get outside and run. Science shows the interval type training we do is the best for a bigger caloric burn and works the heart muscle effectively and efficiently. We use three paces, called base, push and all-out. Begin warming up in base pace. Then, pick a landmark ahead, and increase to a push pace (a more intense pace) for between 30 seconds and three minutes. Work back and forth … then throw in an all-out, top effort for up to one minute, followed by a recovery walk.

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